We often find that the need for service locations is forgotten about until the last minute, causing the need for our services to be on an “ASAP” basis.

It is important to remember, that prior to service locations commencing, it is mandatory to order Dial Before You Dig plans.

Generally, once ordered, Dial Before You Dig Plans take approximately 24hrs to be received.

Once Dials have been received, they should be crosschecked to ensure that all of the service providers mentioned on the cover page have sent through their associated maps and cover letters.

Once you have received all the plans/cover letters, it is important to ensure that the maps associated with each service, are actually covering the area that you plan on working in.

If services are struck due to negligence towards Dial Before You Dig plans, liability will be shared between the person and/or company initiating the project, as well as the locator.

So, to reduce the risk of striking a service and the associated risk of serious injury or death – we recommend giving us at least 2 days notice prior to your excavations taking place.

This will allow time for Dial Before You Dig Plans to be ordered and crosschecked, as well as ensuring a safe work environment for everyone on site.