Dial Before You Dig Plans

All Underground Pipe and Cable Location can provide the service of ordering Dial Before You Dig plans.
However, if you decide to obtain these plans yourself, it is helpful to follow the below checklist.

1.    Are the Dial Before You Dig plans in the area of works to be carried out?
Often, Dial Before You Dig plans provided do not cover the designated areas for works to be carried out

2.    Are the Dial Before You Dig Plans provided to you, 100% complete?
Often, Dial plans do not come through complete in one email. ON the front paqge of the Dials, there is a list of service providers which have been contacted when Dials have been ordered. Observe the service providers listed and ensure the plans are included for each of those service providers. If the Dials are not complete, the location of services will be el up until the remainder of the plans are accounted for.

3.    Is there a cover note from a service provider confirming no services present?
If a service provider’s details are on the front page of the Dial, and it is found that there are no services in the area for that particular provider, it is imperative to gain a cover note confirming there are no services in the area. This will prevent liabilities,(if a service is struck) ,for the individual requesting the locations (you) and the locator (us), if it is found that a service for that provider exists in the area and was not shown on the plans.

4.    Are the Dial Before You Dig Plans legible?
When obtaining Dials it is imperative that the details on the plans are legible. Often, the details are too small to read, and therefore it is difficult to determine what services that provider has in the ground. We recommend printing plans on A3 to assist with this process.

These steps appear simple, yet they are often overlooked, resulting in delays in completion of the job at hand, as well as an increase in total costs.
By following the above steps, you can ensure safety on your worksite, as well as saving yourself time and money!

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Domestic Clients

Within the domestic market, it is recommended for clients to draw an accurate plan of service locations completed.
Using measuring points such as boundaries, house driveways, garden sheds and any other permanent structure, marking out services as they are located will provide a great future reference.
This plan will prevent the need to call out a service locator in the future, therefore assisting you to save money!