Products & Services

Underground Pipe & Cable Location can assist you with the following services:


All Underground Pipe and Cable Location locate for many domestic purposes such as fencing, planting of trees, installation of pool fences, as well for commercial/civil purposes such as directional drilling, road infrastructure and excavation.

Our locating services encompass the following:

  • Telstra Cables
  • Underground power cables
  • Metallic and Non-Metallic water mains and services
  • Sewer & stormwater

Leak detection:

All Underground Pipe and Cable Location deliver leak detection and related plumbing repairs in the following areas:

  • Burst water pipes in highrise buildings or underground.
  • Leaks in swimming pools.
  • Rainwater tanks
  • Pressure pumps

Repair of:

  • Leaks in swimming pools
  • Leaks in rainwater tanks


All Underground Pipe and Cable Location can assist with gas hot water systems, gas installation or relocation of gas appliances.

All Underground PC Location will travel anywhere!