Poly Pipe, Pipe and Cable Locations

With new workplace health and safety policies upon us, for all excavation works, it is or soon will be legislation prior to any excavation, a location of services will be mandatory. We offer service locations for both Telstra copper and optic fibre services, power, water, sewer, storm water and water (metallic and non-metallic). Striking these services with excavators is not only costly, but preventable.

When planning excavation, service locations are often overlooked. Utilising our services should be the firs step, as it will have an affect on your job if services are in alignment with your excavations.

Generally prior to excavation, you should ring Dial Before You Dig (ph. 1100), or try to obtain plans of services in the ground, preferably ASCON (as constructed) plans of the area. This makes not only the locations safe and economical, but it decreases the chances of missing a possible service.

If you want to connect into an existing service such as sewer, water or storm water, a lot of time and money can be saved for us to locate them. We can generally locate services within an A4 sheet of paper depending on the depth