Is Your Rainwater Tank Full?

Since Friday (8th October), the local area has received approximately 380mm of rainfall. Your rainwater tank should be well and truly full or overflowing. If not chances are, you have a break or blockage in your stormwater drainage. You may even have a leak in you rainwater tank. We can provide a simple test on your stormwater drainage, or rainwater tank.
This will determine if you have any leaks that will prevent your tank from filling. These breaks or leaks can be pinpointed and repaired economically.

Is your pressure pump frequently running?

If your pump is continually turning on and off, you may have a leaking toilet cistern or dripping taps etc or, you may have a problem with your pump. If these areas have been addressed, then you may have a leak in your water supply service.
We can test your water service for leaks which can be pinpointed for repair economically.

Do you have an excess water bill?

There is simple test you can perform to see if you are losing water from your service. Once the water supply is not in use and you have no dripping taps or leaking toilet cisterns, observe your water meter and write down the reading.
After 10 minutes, re-observe your meter to compare the reading. If the reading is higher, you are losing water from the service. Any leaks that you may have can be pinpointed for repair economically.