Swimming Pool Leaks

If you are topping up you pool once or twice a week, chances are you have a leak.  Here is a simple CHECKLIST to prove if your swimming pool is
leaking or not.

  • Obtain an ice-cream or Tupperware container.
  • Fill it full of pool water 10mm from the top.
  • Place it beside your pool where it can be open to the wind and sun similar to your pool.
  • Mark the water level in your pool.
  • Turn your pool pump off for 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours, compare the difference of the water level in your ice-cream or Tupperware container to the water level in your pool.
  • If there is no difference in the water levels, perform the same test with your pool pump turned on, allowing 5mm difference this time as the circulation from the pool returns breaks the seal of the water and therefore will have slightly more evaporation. If there is more than a 5mm difference you have a leak.

If a leak is apparent Underground PC Location can repair your swimming pool leak efficiently and economically.